In Francis Xavier College Church, past the large white wall of foundation stones, high above gargoyles gaze coldly. Up the big granite steps and past the heavy wooden doors. It is still and quiet inside. Light streams in the tall stained-glass windows and floods the space with hues of blue and red. Even the dust seems to be suspended in midair.

St Michael appeared here. This is the one documented apparition of St Michael in the western hemisphere. The records were sealed. It happened during the St Louis University exorcism, the one from which the book and the movie were made. It started here at the university. It was a young boy, not a girl. The boy’s relative brought him to the Jesuits. The bishop assigned one of the faculty to do the exorcism. The exorcism started in the boy’s house. When things got complicated, they transferred him to a hospital a few miles away. When the spell was finally broken, a load retort was heard throughout the hospital. like a gunshot. At the same time, there were several priests here saying their vespers. St Michael appeared up there in the celestory of the sanctuary, high above the altar. Out of respect for the privacy of the family, the records were sealed for 50 years.

There no shrine or plaque. The Jesuits have moved on to a different way of looking at things. There is instead a greater concern with temporal realities.

What is interesting is that this is the location where for whatever reason a battle took place between good and evil. There is something special about this town. There is also the connection to the promise to the King of France. It was named and dedicated to the King of France and is by some small thread connected to the promise of the Sacred Heart and therefore to Fatima.

It is time to Consecrate St Louis to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in order to seek Her protection in the difficulties ahead. The protection that could be St Louis’s, can be found in the experience of Portugal. In 1931, all the bishops of Portugal gathered at Fatima to consecrate their country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Three hundred thousand pilgrims attended. Some of them had walked for as many as nine days in order to be present at the ceremony to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As a result, Portugal was spared the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and was protected from World War II.

Mary’s Promise of Protection.

Sister Lucy said the Portugal had been protected because of it’s Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. “In this horrible war, Portugal would be spared because of the national consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary made by the bishops.”

That was no small bit of prophecy.

The protection of Seville.

There was one diocese in Spain that was spared the horrors of its civil war, the diocese of Seville. Seville had also been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Hiroshima, protection midst destruction.

When the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, eight men living near the blinding center of the nuclear flash miraculously survived the searing hurricane of blast and gamma rays, while everyone within a mile radius perished and others residing further afield continue to die from the lethal effects of radiation. For over thirty years, some two hundred scientists have examined these eight men, trying in vain to determine what could have preserved them from incineration. One of the survivors was Fr. H. Shiffner, S.J. He gave a dramatic answer on TV in America. “In that house, we were living the message of Fatima.” Austria, Rosaries, and the Russian Exit

It is a known fact that after the Second World War, part of Austrian territory was occupied by the Soviets. Less well known is the quasi-miraculous manner in which Austria was suddenly delivered from Moscow’s boot.

For the USSR, Austria evidently represented a precious toehold in the heart of Europe, due to its petroleum wells and its strategic situation. Yet in 1955, Moscow unexpectedly agreed to the complete retreat of its occupation forces, finally restoring full independence to Austria, which recovered its boundaries of 1938.

What had happened? Between 700,000 and 1,000,000 persons, comprising 10 to 12% of the population had signed a promise to say the Rosary every day and respond to Our Lady of Fatima’s requests.

For Teresa Neumann, the stigmatist of Konnersreuth, there was no doubt about it: It was definitely the prayers and numerous Rosaries of the Austrian people which acquired their liberty from all Russian domination, she declared in 1962, shortly before her death.”

Mississippi widens

On the physical level, St Louis also had something going for it. If we are talking about the time in which the pope is killed, the prophetic lore as you have seen with Sister Aiello is that there will be widespread earthquakes and storms. On the new age maps, one sees subsidence of the coasts and a greatly widened Mississippi, a hundred miles wide at it mouth and narrowing as one moves northward. St Louis could become an important inland port. Protected from tidal waves, and yet having access to the sea.

Mary’s Promise to all countries.

Sister Lucy said that if other countries had consecrated themselves to the Immaculate Heart as Portugal had done, they too would have been spared the Second World War. One may reasonably hope that the promise is still intact.

The War to come.

The Vision of the Bishop in White reveals a pope killed in wartime. Given that Benedict has indicated that the Third Secret has to do with Future Realities and given that Russia is “dominant” in the Third Secret, one may reasonably conclude that we are headed toward another great war.

Further, it seems reasonable to conclude that if Rome is in ruins, the pope is killed, and the hierarchy and laity are being slaughtered, that the new pope will flee Rome.

He may come to the city of St Louis. There is a certain amount of resonance in this because the story of the Pope fleeing Rome is bound up inextricably with the story of Fatima. And the story of Fatima has its roots in the Promises of the Sacred Heart to the King of France, the heir to St Louis.

The Consecration is more than a simple prayer said by the Bishop and his priests. It will be the end product of a campaign to get ten percent of the population to say the daily Rosary and to do the First Saturday Devotions. Maybe more.

Sufficient Number.

According to Sister Lucy, Russia will be consecrated ”when a sufficient number are complying with the Message of Fatima.”

God only knows the wringer which the world will have to go through to get to that point.

The Bishop will have to get tough. He will have to hire and fire until he has a group of priests who will support him in this effort. It will create a furor. It will be a brave missionary effort in the desert of American Catholicism.

For those priests and laymen who will not cooperate, it will be necessary to let them go. What counts is converting a sufficient number of Catholics to say the daily rosary. Our Lady asked for Daily Rosary at each of the six apparitions at Fatima.

It will break the spell of demonic possession which holds American Catholicism in its grip. There is no other promise. There is no other offer of protection.

Time is nearly up. Our Lord asked the King of France to Consecrate France to the Sacred Heart and to place an image of the Sacred Heart upon his flag. The king did not do so. One hundred years later, the French revolution began. In our time, Mary asked for the First Saturdays of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Devotion of First Saturdays was requested in 1925. The Consecration of Russia was requested in 1929. In the years to come great things will happen for good or for evil.

One day the pope will flee Rome.

John of Vitiguerro, Thirteenth Century: "The pope will change his residence and the Church will not be defended for twenty-five months or more because, during all that time there will be no Pope in Rome.... After many tribulations, a Pope shall be elected out of those who survived the persecutions."

Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi, Nineteenth Century: "Religion shall be persecuted, and priests massacred. Churches shall be closed, but only for a short time. The Holy Father shall be obliged to leave Rome."

Where will the Holy Father find refuge. It will not be Europe. Europe will be in revolution. Russia shall have invaded. Africa will be engaged in a Moslem war. China will for the near future be communist and anti-Catholic. South America is possible. America is possible. There are places in America where the faith still flickers.

If St Louis does what the Madonna requested, she will be protected and could possibly provide a haven for the Holy Father should he flee Rome. The Vision of the Bishop in White is clear. The pope will be killed in a war. The next pope will flee Rome. St Louis is a good candidate for the residence of the pope for a couple years during the next war.

That the Secret has been buried for fifty years not by accident. One has to assume that there is a power which wants to keep it buried.

There is a short prayer to St Michael. The motto of St Michael is “Quis Ut Deus.” Who is like unto God. It was the battle cry of Michael when he rallied his angels in the great battle against Lucifer. Those three words are the shield of St Michael.