The Threat to the Russians.

The Russians knew that a traditionalist pope would open and publish the Third Secret. The words of the Madonna at Fatima were condemnatory toward Russia. In the second part of the secret, the Madonna speaks ill of Russia. In the Third Secret, Russia is cast in a negative light. It would announce the world’s last chance to avoid disaster.

The pope, if he were traditionalist and obedient to the Madonna, would then call for the Consecration of Russia at a given date in the future, perhaps in one year. Probably on Marian Feast Day. It would be a stunning condemnation of Russian Communism for which the leadership had no defense. They did not fear the American military. They felt they could survive a nuclear war. But the one thing that they feared the most, which all dictators fear, is an uprising.

First the pope and the bishops would ask for daily rosary and the practice the Communion of Reparations on First Saturdays. They would call for Penance and Reparation. A year of penance would culminate in a ceremony involving all the worlds bishops in their dioceses and all the parishes. In many nations, in many languages.

Beginning in Portugal at noon solar time as had the miracle of the sun. As the sun moved west, each diocese would join with their bishop, successor to one of the apostles, as the sun reached its zenith. Recife Brazil would be first to perform the Consecration in the Western hemisphere. Portland Maine would be the first in America. Pittsburgh would begin their ceremony a few minutes before Charleston South Carolina. Houston before Dallas and Dallas before Fargo. Eureka California would be last in the contiguous states. The procession of ceremonies would culminate in Rome twenty-three hours later. On the day of the ceremony, all the churches in the world would be packed to overflowing. It would be the greatest participated event in the history of the mankind.

People would be highly motivated because they would be rightly terrified by the contents of the secret. They would also have good cause to be angry with the soviets. In the persecution of ancient Rome, 300,000 Christians had been martyred. The communists in their war against God had killed 90,000,000 Christians.

In Russia, word would spread. First there would-be disquiet. There would be immediately be a loss of prestige on the part of the leadership. The power of fear would begin to melt. There would be a falling away of support. Administrators would begin to defect. The people would begin to show their disrespect. They would begin slowdowns and civil disobedience. There would be strikes and compounding labor unrest. The party would be powerless to stop the spreading atmosphere of rebellion. They would be pelted and stoned. As months went on, the turmoil would increase. Over the course of a year, domestic unrest would grow to an intolerable level. Finally, the communists would be driven from office.

However, it was not to be.