Chapter 16 of Who Shall Ascend

The Conciliar Popes

"Conservatives" have made criticism of the Conciliar Popes the supreme blasphemy. Because of the distastefulness of the task, and the danger of scandal, one is much tempted to listen to their admonitions. However, in our present circumstances, all their arguments are uncompelling, the circumstances being that:

Souls are at stake; indeed, we can only presume that souls have been, are being, and will continue to be lost because of the wayward leadership of these Popes.

Pope Paul VI was a heretic, knowing and wanton. He was not only an arch-Liberal (Liberalism is a heresy, we remind), but also a dedicated Humanist. He literally worshipped Mankind. To quote Abbe de Nantes:

For you have allied yourself with Man-who-makes-himself-god! You vie with the pride-intoxicated atheistic humanists of our day in the cult of man. Just read again this Hymn of the glory of Man which you intoned on the occasion of one of the voyages to the moon and which is a blasphemous parody of the Hymn to Christ the King of Ages (2/7/71):

"Honor to Man;

Honor to his thought; honor to his scientific knowledge;

Honor to his technical skill; honor to his work;

Honor to human endurance;

Honor to that combination of scientific activity and organization by which man, unlike the other animals, can invest his spirit and his manual dexterity with instruments of conquest;


Honor to our living being, in which is reflected the image of God and which, in its triumph over matter, obeys the biblical command: increase and rule."

It was on a similar occasion that you said: "Man is both giant and divine, in his origin and his destiny. Honor therefore to man, honor to his dignity, to his spirit, to his life." (1)

Liber Accusationis in Paulum Sextum, by L'Abbe Georges de Nantes. Maison Saint-Joseph, 10260 St. Parres-les-Vaudes, France. 1973. P.12

(And, on another occasion, his Prayer to Men:)

Yes, Peace is a gift of God, and presupposes the intervention of His action which is so good, so full of mercy, and so mysterious. But it is not necessarily a miraculous gift; it is a gift which accomplishes its wonders within the secret of men's hearts; a gift which requires their free acceptance and their free cooperation. And therefore, after having addressed Our prayer to Heaven, we now address it to all men throughout the world:

-Men, make yourselves worthy of the divine gift of Peace.

-Men, be men.

-Men, be good, be wise, be open to the interests of the general well-being of the world.

-Men, be generous....

-Yes, a world of true men which can never come about without the sun of God shining upon its horizon...." (1)

Were one to interview all the Humanist gurus on earth, would one find another being who would express such nonsense as this in public? And lo, we have it coming from the Vicar of Christ! But besides being tripe, it is heresy. What is worse, these words express the whole tenor of Paul's pontificate, by which he sought to draw the universal Church into his personal hetereodoxy: the worship of man at the expense of the Kingdom of God and all things Catholic. And, to a very great extent, he succeeded. Here are some of the things he did which we can recall only with incredulous chagrin: