Malachi Martin had seen the Third Secret.

The interview below is quoted from the Fourth Secret by Antonio Soccio. Malachi Martin said that he had seen the Third Secret when it was shown to him by Cardinal Bea. Martin was then a young and bright Jesuit. He was a trusted assistant to Cardinal Bea. He spoke several languages. Much worse that cataclysms.

"In 1998 Martin gave a sensational interview on the Art Bell Show in which he provided a behind-the-scenes account of the Vatican and of the "war to the death" between progressivists and traditionalists. At a certain point the interviewer asked him about the Third Secret of Fatima, and the ecclesiastic, who claims that he read it precisely because of his closeness with Cardinal Bea, explained that its publication would be devastating: "It could be a shock...It could strike people in different ways. Some, if they came to know that this was really the Third Secret of Fatima, would be extremely angry." These words leave one to think of the preannouncement of a catastrophe, but when the interviewer recalled the horrible planetary cataclysms contained in the document from Neues Europa and asked if the Secret is that traumatic, the response by Martin is: "Worse." To the disconcerted journalist the ecclesiastic repeated: "Much worse. Look i am proceeding very cautiously. The central element of the Third Secret is terrifying and is not contained in that (in the passage you have read me.)" More terrifying than Catastrophes.

"The interviewer then asked: "Are you telling me that what is contained in the Third Secret is more terrible that what i have just read?" "Oh yes. It is. Because what you have just read is, essentially the extermination by natural powers... It is as if nature is revolting against the human race It is substantially what happens by means of these terrible catastrophes and chastisements. And this is not the essence of the Third Secret, not that which is more terrifying."
It would fill confessionals on Saturday night.

Confronted by the astonished exclamation of the interviewer Martin explained: "Yes. It goes beyond the imagination." Reveal it? "It should be revealed," "they were going to uncover it, "but "there is the problem of shock, of scandal, of terrifying people and mankind in general...I would like to be able to do it because a thing of this kind, so far as can humanly be foreseen, would give a shock, would terrify people, would fill confessionals on a Saturday night, would fill the cathedrals, the basilicas, and the churches with believers on their knees, beating the breasts."

It is obvious that such a description of the Third Secret does not concern the vision revealed in 2000, but another text. Also because Father Martin adds: "The Secret was intended (by Heaven) for the people, not for the Pope or bishops, It was intended to be revealed in 1960, by the explicit order of Heaven...The Pope decided that it would be better if the world did not know it, contrary to the order of the Queen of Heaven, the order She gave to the Pope by means of the children: to publish it. Therefore, the will of God has not been done." Father Martin was at pains to stress that it is not the Church which hides the prophecy, but "only the mean of the Church, who are not faithful to their vocation." (The distinction between the Church and the men who are a part of it is theologically correct.) He then added: "Pope John XXIII did not think that the Secret should be published in 1960. It would have ruined the negotiations that were taking place at that moment with Nikita Khrushchev, head of the Soviet state at that time. And besides he had a rather different vision of life, a vision that would be revealed clearly two years later, with the opening of the Council, during his discourse of October 11, 1962 in St. Peter’s before the assembled bishops... He mocked, disdainfully, those whom he called ‘prophets of doom.’ And there was no doubt among any of us that he was speaking of the three prophets of Fatima, toward whom he was hostile."

This notwithstanding, "the Secret," Father Martin continued, "will one day be revealed and fulfilled. Only this time it will be painful... We cannot avoid it, it is too late. We can mitigate its effects somewhat if we know what it concerns... Pray, receive Holy Communion, recite the Rosary. But they will not be easy days, unfortunately." Finally, a terrifying "news flash." A listener intervenes on the precise content of the Secret: referring to confidences received from a Jesuit, he speaks of a Pope who "would be under the control of Satan. Pope John was reeling, thinking that it could have been him." Father Martin responds: "Yes, it seems that this person would have had a means of reading or would have been given the contents of the secret." Then he got to the heart of the matter: "it is sufficiently vague to cause hesitation, but it seems to be that."