The Third Secret of Fatima


33 Wolves and the Third Secret

Cap continued to plow ahead in her reading. In August, she wrote.

Dear Skinner

    I just wanted to share with you that I think the third secret contains the word “wolves.” Here are some notes which I have made recently.

John XXIII and abstruse locutions.

   When John XXIII read the Third Secret, there were a couple portuguese expressions which he did not understand.  He called them “abstruse locutions.”

  Socci says that the phrases were not abstruse, but explosive.

 They warned John XXIII not to take the church in the direction he wished to take it. He did not want to believe that these words had been spoken by the Virgin. So he buried them. I think one of those abstruse expressions was wolves.

Benedict and Wolves. 

     At the end of Pope Benedict’s installation Mass on April 24, 2005, he said “Pray for me, that I may not flee in fear of the wolves.”

  The use of the word wolves out of the blue by Pope Benedict was unusual. It would seem out of place unless one were to realize that he was speaking in the context of the Third Secret. He is in effect revealing part the Third Secret. 

   Socci suggests that Pope Benedict is aware that he is in danger. “To which wolves is he referring? ... Considering the solemn drama of a homily at the beginning of the pontificate in which he inserted that prayer. Of what is the Pope thinking and what does he fear? What terrifying threats does he feel hanging over him that he would reveal his fears publicly, in a celebration before the world - he, a man always so measured and reserved? And is it not strange that no one has noticed a phrase so dramatic? The rest of the homily - to reread it attentively - is entirely a meditation on the martyrdom to which the Vicar of Christ is called. No one seems to have noticed that during that solemn Mass of installation Benedict VXI arrived finally at the point of indication precisely martyrdom as his own “pastoral program.”

  “And now, in this moment, I the weak servant of God must assume this inconceivable task, that really exceeds all human capacity. How can I do this? How will I be able to do it?...”

      Socci suggests that Benedict believes that he is on the path of martyrdom. Given that the Vision of the Third Secret describes a Pope who is martyred, Benedict may believe that he may be the Pope who is killed in the Vision.

   It needs to be remembered that Lucy and her cousins were 7,8, and 10 year old shepherds. They were familiar with the connection between sheep and wolves and had a real first hand fear of them.  

Padre Pio

   Padre Pio used the word “wolves” when he spoke about the Third Secret.  He said “priests... betray... rapacious wolves” when he was speaking about the third secret. 

   He said in effect that the Vatican was on the wrong path to be compromising with the communists; That this was the Chastisement foretold in the Third Secret; And all those who would not listen to the Will of God were rapacious wolves hungry for power.


   That  nightCap dreamt of wolves circling her. They were snarling with their fangs exposed preparing to pounce upon her. Cap was immobilized in her bed. She saw the face of the lead wolf up close and near her face. She felt the heat of his breath. She trembled in fear from his anger. He was preparing to rip into her face and neck. She was terrified. She later awoke with a sympathy for Lucy and for why Lucy would feel terrified by coming up against evil.

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