The Third Secret of Fatima

What Terrified Lucy

 31 What Terrified Lucy

Father Skinner,

   I hope all is well. Here is my latest installment, What Terrified Sister Lucy. One of the things which surprised me is that Lucy was terrified by the secret. So much so that she met delay and great difficulty in writing down the third secret.   

   In 1943, Sister Lucy had an illness which frightened her superiors. They feared that she might die without writing the third secret. She declined to write the secret unless she were instructed to do so in writing out of obedience. She was given that order by her bishop in October. 

   For a few more months, she delayed. It made her tremble. “She had wanted to obey several times, that she had sat down to write, without being able to do so.”

   “The long agony that Sister Lucy had to face...We see it as Satan’s final outburst against the messenger of the Immaculate One, guessing what a great weapon this prophecy would be, once it was set down in black and white, against his dominion and his claim of being able to infiltrate the very heart of the Church...Thus the seer’s great trial.”

    She communicated her anguish to Don Garcia who advised her to bide her time, that she was not disobeying Our Lord, that the mysterious impediment would vanish.

   In January 2 1944, the Madonna appeared to Lucy in her small room in the infirmary and instructed her to write the Secret. “to finally dispel the seer’s darkness and put and end to her painful trial.”

   The situation begs the question, why the difficulty?

    Father Alonso says “Moreover, how are we to understand Sister Lucy’s great difficulty in writing the final part of the secret when she had already written down other things that were extremely difficult to put down? Had it been merely a matter of prophesying new and severe punishments, Sister Lucy would not have experienced difficulties so great that an special intervention from Heaven was needed to overcome them.”

   Antonio Socci in the Fourth Secret asks what could have terrified Sister Lucy so much. Already she had addressed the topics of wars, cataclysms, and apostasy and had demonstrated that she was capable of speaking about those issues. Socci reasons that it must have been something which was, in her eyes, worse. 

    Sister Lucy had previously told us that the vision of hell which the Madonna had shown the shepherds had terrified them. In the apparition  of July 1917, the Madonna began by showing the children a vision of hell in which millions of souls were falling into hell like snowflakes. The scene of burning souls in a sea of fire terrorized and nearly killed them. 

   The Madonna told the children in so many words that She has come to battle the devil in an effort to save souls. She said that too many souls were being lost. The vision of hell overshadowed the whole length of the Message. The story is told with Hell as a backdrop. 

   What terrorized Lucy was neither cataclysms, nor war, nor apostasy. What terrorized Lucy was a part of the third secret which brought her face to face again with the evil of hell.  

   It was the devil, and his wolves. She saw that the devil would sweep a third of the clergy into his service. She saw that the flock would be scattered and pounced upon by ferocious wolves. The frightened souls would attempt to flee to no avail. They were in the power of the ravaging wolves. The malicious wolves would tear them apart and drag them to hell.  

    It was the vision of Hell. One must remember that the Madonna interaction with Lucy on that day only lasted about ten minutes. She showed the children two visions and told them a story. The conversation had a flow to it. 

   Like a person who is afraid of heights, working her way along a rickety rope bridge tossed wildly in a demonic gail, Lucy tackled writing the third part of the secret. Some part of it led Lucy to see the devil exultingly feasting on millions of wailing and cursing lost souls. In obedience, she traced letters across the howling abyss nearly dying of fear with the devil railing against her.

I believe it was coming face to face with of

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