The Third Secret of Fatima

Wall Street

Jesus this is for love of you, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

12 Stock market

   The world stock markets had dropped their limit and been closed. Everyone wanted out of stocks, bonds and dollars. It would take ninety days for the remnants of wall street to resurrect a successor in Philadelphia. 

   The employees of the NY Stock Exchange were gone. The people at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and all the others were gone. The familiar faces on CNBC were gone. Nearly the whole of the networks were gone. The big banks were gone. The real estate portfolios were gone.

Dollar drops.

   On the world exchanges, the dollar sunk like a rock. For years some investors had foreseen that the dollar would drop sooner or later. Every other reserve currency in the world, had come and gone. A few people had moved into physical gold and silver. A trickle were moving their money out of the dollar into other assets. Many more had their bags packed and were sitting close to the door. As soon as news reached London, traders dumped the dollar. The few who acted the fastest got out with most of their money.  

   Most of the movers and shakers of American finance died that day. And there assets died with them. A few survived because they were out of town. They watched with wild frustration as their net worth went up in smoke. The dollar dropped fifty percent. It soon became apparent that they US would not pay off it’s debts. Everyone moved to dump their treasuries. It was the greatest loss of money in the history of the world. 

Cascade of problems. 

   Gold went through the roof. In the last generation, the dollar had been the refuge of those who wanted to put their pesos or reals in a stable currency. Now the table reversed. Everyone knew that all the major economies were bankrupt. There was no where to run except to gold. The paper market was 100 times larger than the physical market. Fundholders were stunned that they could not just pick up the phone and go get their gold. It wasn’t there. It never had been. There had only been logarithms. 

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