The Third Secret of Fatima

Second Meeting Malichi M

8 Second meeting Malachi Martin

    At their second meeting, Skinner asked what was new. She told him about some of Lucys letters from the sixties. She was appalled that the secret had not been revealed. She felt the world was on a downward path. He listened intently. He liked hearing about it. She asked him why. He said it had a ring of truth to it. 

    Skinner told her that for the last two weeks he had been thinking over what she had told him and he had come to the conclusion that it was best to begin with the Third Secret of Fatima. She was right to think that there was a pattern which she could not quite perceive. The key to what was going on her letters was the battle over the Third Secret. In fact, one could make the case that the whole of the last century was a backdrop for the third secret. All the important people were just straight men in a drama in which the third secret was the main event. If a thousand years from now, a student of history were to look at the past century, they would find that the third secret was the center of the web. Everything else related to it. 

    He told her the secret was supposed to have been revealed in 1960. He quoted Cardinal Ottaviani. “The Madonna wanted it to be published already in 1960.” Sister Lucy also said the Our Lady wanted it revealed in 1960. Everybody knew that it was supposed to be revealed in 1960. There was world wide expectation about. It was a big disappointment when it was not revealed. Marian devotion suffered a blow.

    “Let me tell you what we know about the secret. At the third apparition at Fatima in 1917, Mary showed the children a vision of hell. Then she spoke to them for a few minutes. Then she showed them another vision and spoke for another few minutes. They were called secrets because the children were not supposed to talk about them at the time. The Church has revealed the two visions and the first discourse but not the second. 

   “The vision of hell is the first secret. The first discourse is called the second secret. In it the Madonna requests the First Saturday Devotion and the Consecration of Russia. She promised that there would be peace if Her requests were granted. And that there would be trouble if not. 

   The second vision was revealed by the Church in 2001. It involves a bishop in white climbing a hill toward a cross amidst many bodies in a city half destroyed. Soldiers and a mob come out and kill him, and then begin killing the clergy and laity. 

   The discourse that followed it has not been revealed. The hierarchy is reluctant to admit that there even is such a discourse. That discourse is what is commonly called the Third Secret. 

   As Skinner opened his desk, he told Cap that he would like to read her the highlights of short article which would help to frame the discussion. It was about Father Malachi Martin, a brilliant Jesuit, who had read the Third Secret when he was a young assistant to Cardinal Bea. He was Bea’s assistant, during the time period in which John XXIII opened the sealed envelope, read the secret, and asked advice from a few of those who were closest to him. Martin later became disillusioned with the Jesuits and was released at his request. But he remained a priest in good standing. He said the Latin Mass everyday for the rest of his life. He wrote a few novels. One of them about exorcisms, another about the Vatican.

     Skinner began reading the article out loud. “In 1998 Martin gave a sensational interview on the Art Bell Show in which he provided a behind-the-scenes account of the Vatican and of the “war to the death” between progressivists and traditionalists. At a certain point the interviewer asked him about the Third Secret of Fatima, and the ecclesiastic, who claims that he read it precisely because of his closeness with Cardinal Bea, explained that its publication would be devastating: “It could be a shock...It could strike people in different ways. Some, if they came to know that this was really the Third Secret of Fatima, would be extremely angry.” These words leave one to think of the preannouncement of a catastrophe, but when the interviewer recalled the horrible planetary cataclysms contained in the document from Neues Europa and asked if the Secret is that traumatic, the response by Martin is: “Worse.” To the disconcerted journalist the ecclesiastic repeated: “Much worse...The central element of the Third Secret is terrifying...”

   “The interviewer then asked: “Are you telling me that what is contained in the Third Secret is more terrible that what i have just read?” “Oh yes. It is. Because what you have just read is, essentially the extermination by natural powers... It is as if nature is revolting against the human race. It is substantially what happens by means of these terrible catastrophes and chastisements. And this is not the essence of the Third Secret, not that which is more terrifying.”

It would fill confessionals on Saturday night.

   “Confronted by the astonished exclamation of the interviewer, Martin explained: “Yes. It goes beyond the imagination.” Reveal it? “It should be revealed,” “they were going to uncover it,”but “there is the problem of shock, of scandal, of terrifying people and mankind in general...I would like to be able to do it because a thing of this kind, so far as can humanly be foreseen, would give a shock, would terrify people, would fill confessionals on a Saturday night, would fill the cathedrals, the basilicas, and the churches with believers on their knees, beating the breasts.”

   “It is obvious that such a description of the Third Secret does not concern the vision revealed in 2000, but another text. Also because Father Martin adds: “The Secret was intended (by Heaven) for the people, not for the Pope or bishops, It was intended to be revealed in 1960, by the explicit order of Heaven...The Pope decided that it would be better if the world did not know it, contrary to the order of the Queen of Heaven, the order She gave to the Pope by means of the children: to publish it. Therefore, the will of God has not been done.” Father Martin was at pains to stress that it is not the Church which hides the prophecy, but “only the men of the Church, who are not faithful to their vocation.” (The distinction between the Church and the men who are a part of it is theologically correct.) He then added: “Pope John XXIII did not think that the Secret should be published in 1960. It would have ruined the negotiations that were taking place at that moment with Nikita Khrushchev, head of the Soviet state at that time. And besides he had a rather different vision of life, a vision that would be revealed clearly two years later, with the opening of the Council, during his discourse of October 11, 1962 in St. Peter’s before the assembled bishops... He mocked, disdainfully, those whom he called ‘prophets of doom.’ And there was no doubt among any of us that he was speaking of the three prophets of Fatima, toward whom he was hostile.” 

   “This notwithstanding, “the Secret,” Father Martin continued, “will one day be revealed and fulfilled. Only this time it will be painful... We cannot avoid it, it is too late. We can mitigate its effects somewhat if we know what it concerns... Pray, receive Holy Communion, recite the Rosary. But they will not be easy days, unfortunately.” Skinner folded the paper and looked at Cap. She was stunned. “If that is true, how could such a thing have been kept quiet.” He said that when people want to trust, they are easily misled.

   Skinner sighed. “Are you sure you want me to go on? This is difficult. It tends to upset one’s worldview.” “Yes, please go on.”

   “There is a French monk named Frere Michel, He has written three eight hundred page volumes about Fatima. If you have the time and the interest, you should tackle them. The volumes are extensively footnoted. They are a wealth of information. There is just one reference which is not footnoted. Michel claims it came from a reliable source. Sister Lucy said about the contents of the third secret, ‘It’s in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them.’ On another occasion, she specifically referred to Chapter 8. Well, Chapter 8 is about opening the Seventh Seal and the Trumpets. 

Fire will fall from the sky.
   Skinner looked up from his reading and said “There is a case to be made that we will see these things soon fulfilled. Would you like to hear my take on them?“ She honored his invitation with a pause, as she reflected on what he had been saying. Then she carefully said “Please go on.” As a lecturer, she was as good at listening as she was at speaking. Here, her usual role was reversed. He was the teacher and she was the student.

     Skinner said “The first thing that happens is that the angel who stands before the altar of God, fills golden censor with fire from the altar and casts it on the earth. Then the First Trumpet precipitates a Hail of Fire which scorches a third of the earth, a third of the trees, and all green things.

    “The Second Trumpet is about a meteor striking the sea. When the second angel sounded his trumpet, something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned red, A third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed. It would cause Tidal Waves and Flooding.

   “At the sound of the Third Trumpet, a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it poisoned a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. The name of the star was Wormwood. The Ukrainian word for wormwood is Chernobly. So the name of the star is Chernobyl. It suggests that a radioactive meteor or a piece of the sun penetrates our atmosphere and poisons a third of the planet with radioactivity.

    “Well,” he exhaled. “That is about enough for today. Yes?” Cap agreed. She sunk back in her chair and asked him if he thought thought Martin was credible. Skinner answered that he thought that Martin was honest. “Everything of his which I have read holds together. He seems scrupulous. He still has kept his vow to keep the secret a secret. In my business, I listen to the points and the picture. Sometimes, it is in the picture that you see whether the person is seeking to tell the truth. “

   He knew that he had injured her world view. It was now less secure and more frightening. They made an appointment for two weeks later and said goodbye. She felt as if she wasn’t walking home on the same sidewalk on which she had come. Things had changed.  

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