The Third Secret of Fatima

Mushroom Cloud

Jesus this is for love of you, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

11 Mushroom Cloud

   Word spread quickly. A couple planes who were nearby suffered a complete loss of electrical systems. But others who were behind them saw the mushroom cloud rise over the city. As the airports were not functioning they flew to points south like Philadelphia and Baltimore. The ham operators network was alive with reports about the explosion. 

   The pillar of purple fire lasted about thirty seconds. The rising ash grey cloud kept rising for fifteen minutes. It would continue rising to a height of 60,000. Commercial airliners traveling at 35,000 could look up at the top of the cloud which persisted for thirty minutes till it began to disperse. Many aircraft outside of thirty miles kept to their flight pattern. Pilots had the sad duty of informing their passengers of what had happened. Those near the windows stared out in disbelief. Some gave up their seats to others who had loved ones in the city. On every flight there were tears. And every passenger knew that they would never land in the same country. They might land in the same place but it would be a different country and a different life. 

     A few began to think through the consequences. Some realized that the stock market would drop by maybe half or more. Some of the wealthy realized they had become middle class. A few of the middle class wondered if they would have jobs when they landed.

   Residents of Greenwich Connecticut were close enough that they could see the tip of the rising cloud when it passed above 2200 ft in altitude. Cell phone systems were soon overwhelmed but word spread quickly. As word spread, people came down to the shore or drove to a high spot to get an unobstructed view of the horizon. The sight was shocking. Many began to weep. Some fell down or needed help to continue standing. Nearly everyone knew someone who worked in the city.  

   They could see the mushroom cloud in the distance and people could feel that a light breeze blowing from the south. The roads were soon clogged with people traveling as far as they could on what gas they had in their tank. Gas stations were ordered to limit purchases to five gallons. This would allow the drivers to travel sixty miles west and then pick up more fuel. Even then the gas stations were soon empty. This was a problem for many. Because of the high cost of gas, they tended to let their tanks run low. All along the way on the roads heading west out of town, there were abandoned cars on the side of the road with their occupants walking and hitchhiking. The cloud was coming. 

    The police figured they had ten hours to organize an evacuation. They broadcast a request on citizen band radio every ten minutes for drivers and businesses to take people west in their trucks and vans and leave town.  They named the main evacuation roads. They requested that volunteers ferry people to those roads. Off duty drivers went to their places of business and borrowed box trucks. Truck rental shops released all their box trucks and vans. People lined up all along the main westward roads in impromptu bus stops. All the available semis trailers were mobilized to fill up with people and drive past the fall line of the radioactivity, which was expected to be about sixty miles. 

    Some semis filled up with fifty people. When a truck would stop, people would pile in. There was an egalitarian spirit of cooperation. The police quickly set up road blocks and filled every truck and car with the maximum number of people possible. 

    One wealthy Wall Street executive looked back at his Manor House and quipped “there goes the lawn.” From one of his companies, he knew that if he ever came back, the lawn and all the shrubbery would have to be scrapped off and hauled away.  

   The police began broadcasting messages. “The radioactivity of fallout decreases rapidly. The danger drops 90% in seven hours and 99% in two days. If you can not leave, go to a basement. Radiation can penetrate walls. Set up a shelter with the maximum amount of material around you. Pick a corner of the basement. Create walls out of boxes and file cabinets. Create ceilings out of doors taken off their hinges. Pile as much mass as possible around you to create the equivalent of 16” of earth, 24” of water, or 38” of wood. Take water and food. You can come out briefly to stretch you legs and then get back inside as soon as possible. Wait as long as possible. You can come out in two to three days to join the evacuation. We will come back for you.”

    “Air does not become radioactive. Keep the dust out. If your basement is reasonably snug, there won't be any wind blowing through it to carry the radioactive fallout dust inside.

   “Food or water stored in sealed containers, that can later have any fallout dust brushed or rinsed off the outside of the container, will then be safe to use. As long as the fallout dust does not get inside the container, then whatever radiation penetrated the food/water container from the outside does not harm the contents. 

   In the communities in western New York, school gyms were prepared to accept evacuees.    

   Ultimately, a large part of Connecticut would be uninhabitable. The fallout zone would be two hundred miles long and sixty miles wide. A larger area would be unsafe for children or crops. Some areas would be radioactive for a thousand years. The worst areas of Chernobyl would be unsafe for 20,000 years.

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