The Third Secret of Fatima

Meeting Skinner

7 Meets Skinner

   Cap wondered how this could be. She had tried without success to discretely inquire about Fatima from some of the Jesuit staff at the University. They all said about the same thing. The Church had moved on to dialogue with the modern world. To deal realistically with the problems which men and women faced in the every day world. It was time to adapt. Fatima belonged to the past. She had the sense that there was something going on here but she could not put her finger on it.

   Months passed and winter turned into spring. A friend told her about a retired Jesuit who had begun counseling in private practice in Dogtown only a couple miles away. She made an appointment. Father John Skinner was a thin almost frail man. He looked the part of a kind and knowledgeable teacher. When they met, he invited her to “call me Skinner. Everyone does.” He described himself as a conservative neanderthal Jesuit who held to a world view that belonged to the past. If she could accept that, he would be happy to speak with her about her concerns.

   She laid out her story, asking him to explain what was going on. He listened attentively. He had the air about him that he enjoyed listening to her. And that he enjoyed listening to her tell him about the history of their times. Soon it was time for his next appointment. He told her that he would think about what she had said and consider what to say and where to begin. He would see her in two weeks.

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