The Third Secret of Fatima


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The greatest secret in the last 1000 years is the Third Secret of Fatima. 

The greatest public miracle in the last 1900 years is the Dance of the Sun at Fatima.

At noon on May 13 1917, the Madonna appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima Portugal and promised to return at the same time for the next five months on the same day. At the third of the apparitions, the children asked for a sign so that people would believe that the Madonna was appearing to them. The Madonna promised to perform a public miracle three months later at noon on the 13th of October. At the same apparition, the Madonna gave the children a message which was to be opened in 1960. That message came to be known as the Third Secret of Fatima. 

Three months later, seventy thousand people gathered to see the miracle. Some had walked for days. At noon solar time, a heavy rain abruptly ceased. The clouds parted like curtains. The sun came out and performed an explosive and ferocious dance in the sky, dropping three times to tree top level. People fell to their knees in the mud and cried for mercy. Many thought it was the end of the world. When it was over, the ground was dry and their clothes were fresh and clean as if they had come from the laundry.   

Four decades passed. In 1960, The pope opened the sealed envelope, and read the twenty line letter from the Madonna. He turned pale, and declined to reveal the secret. The secret is widely thought to include a warning about a world wide calamity if the pope did not perform an action which he believed the Soviet Union would regard as an act of war.

Five more decades pass. A St Louis history professor inherits a box of letters which includes correspondence to her aunt from Lucy, the last survivor of the Fatima miracle. In reading the letters, the professor takes an interest in learning about the secret. She is surprised to learn that much information about the secret lies scattered about like pieces of a mosaic. Since 1960, the popes and their nearest collaborators have read the secret. Here and there a part of the secret has been revealed. She proceeds to put the pieces together.

The finished product threatens to change the course of history for good or evil.

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