The Third Secret of Fatima

Interest Grows

5 Interest grows

   As time went on, Cap’s interest in Fatima and Sister Lucy slowly began to grow. She had come home one day with the intention of reading the sixth letter. In her mail box was a letter from one of the Dublin cousins with more information about the origin of the friendship between their aunt and Sister Lucy. It had happened that in August 1931, Sister Lucy had not been in good health. Her superiors had sent her to a small seaside town city in northern Portugal, near the Spanish border. She was to take some rest in a friendly house. As weeks passed and she grew stronger, she helped with the catechism of local children. Their aunt was one of those local children. She reminded Lucy of Jacinta, her younger cousin and fellow visionary. Later their paths would cross again and their friendship renewed.

    The sixth letter was written in 1958 several months after the Secret had been transferred to the Vatican. Lucy feared that the secret would be buried. She knew that a considerable element in the Vatican was not sympathetic to the message of the Lady of Fatima. In 1925, the Lady had asked for the First Saturday Devotion. But the request had fallen on rocky ground. In 1929, Our Lady had requested the Consecration of Russia but it too had been ignored. 1931 would have been the ideal time to announce the First Saturday Devotion and an opportune moment for the Pope to call upon all the Bishops of the world to join with him in a public act of reparation and consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. 

    Had he done so, the Lady had promised that Russia would have been converted. A religious revival would have swept the communists from power. There would have been a worldwide conversion experience. And wars would have stopped. There would have been no world war II. No communist wars of liberation. No Cold War, no Korea, no Viet Nam.

    Lucy explained how she had been interviewed by the Postulator for the cause of the beautification of Jacinta and Francisco. She had been generally under instruction to be patient and quiet on the subject of Fatima. However, in the case of the beautification investigation, she was asked to give the postulator her complete cooperation. In the wide ranging discussion she had touched on a number of subjects which would later prove to be explosive.

    The postulator, Fr Augustine Fuentes, returned to Mexico. Soon after, he gave a conference to group of nuns. One of the sisters took notes which were later published. They stirred up a hornets nest. The Vatican believed that Lucy had trespassed into speaking about issues which were within the realm of the third secret.

   In the interview, Lucy expressed that the Virgin was sad that no one had paid much attention to her message. Lucy had warned that God would chastise the world in a terrible manner. That 1960 could be a very sad time if the world did not pray and do penance.

   There were elements in the Vatican who were biding their time during the last days of the pontificate of Pius XII. They hoped that the new Pope would initiate a rapprochement with the Soviet Union. They were angered that Lucy said that Russia would be the instrument of chastisement chosen by heaven to punish the whole world, and that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. 

    It did not sit well with the reformers that Lucy had said that the Most Holy Virgin had lead her to deduce that theses were the last times of the world. Nor did they like it that Lucy had suggested that it was a sin against the Holy Spirit to reject the requests of Our Lady for the Consecration of Russia and for the First Saturday Devotions.

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