The Third Secret of Fatima


28 Earthquakes

Dear Father Skinner,

As I write this, my windows are rattling. We have been having small tremors here for the last week. A couple months ago I had a dream of Hildebard of Bingen and her prophecey that American would be divided and struck with earthquakes. A couple weeks ago, we began to feel the earthquakes. Then about a week ago, the pace of earthquakes began to quicken. 

   She told Skinner of her fear of earthquakes.

   If there were a line dividing the period in which earthquakes were unusual from the era in which earthquakes became commonplace, it was the beginning of April 2020. The intensity was not so severe but the number nearly doubled. People began to slowly adjust to earthquakes as a fact of live. There were drills and public service announcements. The amount of emergency planning began to change from what might happen to what would happen. Fire Departments began door to door campaigns in which they passed out literature and began to grade households on their emergency preparedness. People began to stock food and water. 

   The Boy scouts and Girls Scouts started to help people prepare the list of items they would need in the event of an earthquake. The scouts sponsored statewide pitch a tent weekends. Whole neighborhoods had a tent in the front or back yard. Churches began parking semi trailers and ocean containers on their lots stocked with dry goods. People also began to stock guns and ammunition. 

   In late April, earthquakes grew again in number and intensity. Rattling houses was in some places a regular occurrence. May became known as the month of broken glass. Almost every area of the midwest and had at least one tremor severe enough to break glass. The number of big ones grew steadily. At mid May, the midwest was ripped by several large earthquakes. In some places the land undulated in visible ten foot waves. Emergency crews were hard pressed to help the survivors. The roads were cut with large crevasses. Power lines were down. Water and gas pipes were broken. People were walking out. Many began living in their tents. Military helicopters were ferrying in water and food and basic supplies. Several cities declared martial law. Most of the municipalities were pushed into bankruptcy. There were growing calls to bring home the more of the troops from our bases overseas.

    Many were with water and electricity. School gymnasiums were filled where they were still intact. People began renting their garages. They had hoped that this was a period that would pass away and that better times would follow. Others thought that something more ominous was in the making.

   In the older parts of St Louis, the rattling was having destructive effect of the brick work. Cracks were opening. Pipes were breaking. 

   At St Louis University, classes were being shifted from one building to another. Caps classes were reduced. A couple had been given to non salaried interns. The use of student teaches angered many of the senior teaching staff. The administration said that they did not have much choice. The money wasn’t there. As a result, her salary had been cut back. Her stocks and bonds had just about disappeared. But the mining stocks were paying some dividends. She was able to get by. One benefit of fewer classes was more free time. Cap was able to continue reading and writing about Fatima.

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