The Third Secret of Fatima

Begins Reading Letters

4 Begin Reading the Letters

   About a two months after returning, life had settled down so that Cap could begin reading the letters. One night she pulled the box from it’s shelf in her library and began to look through the contents. First she arranged the letters in sequence of time order. Most of them were one or two handwritten pages. She spoke spanish and had studied portuguese for a year and a half. So she was able to follow the letters with the help of her portuguese dictionary.

   She had learned that the letters from Sister Mary Lucy of Jesus of the Immaculate Heart were from Sister Lucy of Fatima, the sole survivor of the three children at Fatima. Her young cousins had died in the influenza epidemic within two years of the apparitions. 

   The letters began in the mid 50‘s. Most of them began “My Dear Sister”  The first letter expressed Lucys sorrow that the aunt had been constrained to separate from the convent and the hope that she would be able to return. Cap’s cousins had told her that their Aunt had left the convent in order to receive medical treatment. After a period of time it became apparent that she would be a burden to the community. Illness kept her from returning. She kept her vows and maintained her prayer life and the rule of the order. She considered herself an absent member of the community. She led as cloistered a life as possible. She attended mass, spent many hours in prayer and helped the family with whom she stayed. After dinner she would sometimes help with the children and then spend the evening in prayer. She often fasted. She had the keys to the church. She would pray alone at night with just the light of the sanctuary candle on the altar next to the tablenacle.

   The first few letters were expressions of hope for the aunts recovery and ordinary stories about the life of the community. Cap’s portuguese was improving with practice. She had secured the tutoring of one of the teachers in the language department at the university. It was beginning to be transparent. 

   In one letter, Lucy recalled that the Madonna had appeared to her in May 1952. “Make it known to the Holy Father that I am still await the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without this consecration Russia can not be converted nor can the world have peace.”

   In another letter, Lucy said that she had learned of Our Lady of Syracuse. An image of the Madonna had begun to weep in the home of a working class family in the poorest district of Syracuse Sicily in 1953. The image showed the Madonna with her right hand over her flaming heart, pierced with thorns. 

    Months earlier, an artist had received an inspiration to sculpt such an image. He produced the original in three days. Molds were mass produced and left in the sun to dry for three days. and then varnished and painted. One had been given to the Iannuso family as a wedding gift. After a brief bout with blindness, the first thing that Antonina saw was the weeping image of Our Lady on her wall. The family did not at first believe Antonina that the picture was weeping. But then they saw it too. And soon the neighbors, and large crowds. Then the international media. 

   Returning from the fields, the young husband, Angelo, asked “Madonnina, why are you weeping?” The family hung the picture on the outside wall of the house for all to see. Many prayed and said the Rosary. Many were healed. On the fourth day, the tears stopped.

    Many wondered about the meaning of the tears. Lucy believed that the Madonna was sad because the requests of Her Immaculate Heart had not being attended too. Lucy too was saddened that there was a growing number in the vatican who were unsympathetic to the message of Fatima. There was a growing anti fatima and anti Marian movement. 

    The fifth letter had a change in tone. Lucy had received word that the Vatican had instructed the Bishop to send the Secret to Rome. Lucy was not consulted. Lucy feared that it would not be opened in 1960 and that it would not be released to the public.

  midnight. she sees a ghost, wall disappears.

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