The Third Secret of Fatima


15 Sister Elena Aiello 

   That evening, Skinner sat reading in the main room of his one bedroom apartment on the seventh floor of Jesuit Hall. It was more like a two room library with a few pieces of furniture. There were books everywhere. Bookcases hugged almost all the available wall space. One wall of the main room had a set of bookcases in which the books were stacked two rows deep. In other places books were stacked on the floor. In this landscape dominated by books, sat a conversation area, sofa and a couple old stuffed chairs. In the other room were four more walls of books in the center of which was a bed.

   He thought back over the arc of his life. He was born in the same decade as the Revelations of Ponteverda and Tuy. He was a toddler during the disappointment by Pius XI when he should have and did not Consecrate Russia and did not promote the First Saturdays. During his boyhood, the “worse war”  began. In the years of his youth, Russia spread her errors throughout the world, fomenting wars, persecutions of the church, and the good being martyred. He had not yet seen the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which the Madonna had promised. Nowhere on the horizon could he see the Consecration and conversion of Russia.

   Each morning when he dressed, he kissed his brown scapular and made his morning offering. He recited “O Mary, who did promise that Russia would be converted, I offer thee this day...” For many years, he said it out of blind faith, never expecting that he would see it’a fulfillment. But in the last few years, he had begun to believe the ground was shifting and the time was approaching.

     He remembered something from the sixties. He rose and hunted briefly through his books and selected two from among the many. The dining room table made an excellent desk because it had so much room. Different projects owned different parts of his tabletop.

   After finding what he had been looking for, he sat down to type. After finishing, he folded the papers and sealed the envelope. He would drop the envelope the next morning in the outgoing mail. He preferred letters to email whenever he had been wandering among the shadows of truth.

   He wrote


     I remembered that someone said that when the Pope John did not publish the secret in 1960, the Madonna took her message elsewhere. One of the holy women to whom She spoke was Sister Elena Aiello. Aiello made some dire announcements but in the course of time, she has been declared Blessed Aiello.


   Sister Elena began suffering the stigmata on her hands, feet, head and side every Good Friday from the age of 28 until her death in 1961. She founded a religious order called The Sister Minims. She was respected by Pope Pius XII with whom she corresponded regularly.

   She had apparitions of the Blessed Virgin from 1947 until her death. The Madonna described tragedies which would occur in the future if people did not amend their sinful lives. 

Revolution in Rome
   “Oh, what a horrible vision I see! A great revolution is going on in Rome!...You cannot possibly imagine what is going to happen. A great revolution shall break out and the streets shall be stained with blood.

Slender thread shall snap
   “The world is thoroughly upset because it is in a worse condition than at the time of the deluge. Materialism marches on ever fomenting bloody strifes and fratricidal struggles. Clear signs portend that peace is in danger. That scourge, like the shadow of a dark cloud, is now moving across mankind. Only my power, as Mother of God, is preventing the outbreak of the storm. All is hanging on a slender thread. When that thread shall snap, Divine Justice shall pounce upon the world and execute its dreadful, purging designs. All the nations shall be punished because sins, like a muddy river, are now covering all the earth.”

Chastisement by fire
   “Once there was the chastisement by water, but if there is not a returning to God, there will come the chastisement by fire, which will cover the streets of the world with blood.”

Russia will burn.
    “To Sister Aiello, Our Lady said ‘See how Russia will burn!’ Before my eyes there extended an immense field covered with flames and smoke, in which souls were submerged as if in a sea of fire!”

Fire from the Angels.
    “And all this fire,” concluded the Madonna, “is not that which will fall from the hands of men, but will be hurled directly from the Angels (at the time of the great chastisement or “housecleaning” that will come upon the earth). Therefore I ask prayers, penance and sacrifice, so I may act as Mediatrix for my Son in order to save souls.”


Russia will battle America

   “If people do not recognize in these scourges (of nature) the warnings of Divine Mercy, and do not return to God with truly Christian living, another 

 war will come from the east to the west. Russia with her secret armies will battle America; will overrun Europe. 

Rhine overflowing with bodies

    “The river Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. Italy, also, will be harassed by a great revolution, and the Pope will suffer terribly.”

Cities submerged
  “Great calamities will come upon the world, which will bring confusion, tears, struggles and pain. Great earthquakes will swallow up entire cities and countries, and will bring epidemics, famine, and terrible destruction especially where the sons of darkness are.”

Fire will fall like snowstorms

    “The world will be once more afflicted with great calamity; with bloody revolutions; with great earthquakes; with famines; with epidemics; with fearful hurricanes; and with floods from rivers and seas. But if men do not return to God, purifying fire will fall from the Heavens, like snowstorms, on all peoples, and a great part of humanity will be destroyed!’

   “No longer do men speak according to the true spirit of the Gospel. The immorality of the times has ‘reached a peak! But men do not listen to my motherly warnings, so the world must soon be purified.


Red flag over St Peters

   “Russia will March upon all the nation of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St Peter’s. 

Sins of Impurity.

   “Italy will be severely tried by a great revolution, and Rome will be purified in blood for its many sins, especially those of impurity! The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope must suffer greatly!... sins, like a muddy river, are now covering all the earth.”

Hurricanes, earthquakes, famines

   "Tremendous scourges are impending over the world, and various nations are struck by epidemics, famines, great earthquakes, terrific hurricanes, with overflowing rivers and seas, which bring ruin and death.

I will protect My faithful ones

   "Spread the devotion to my Immaculate Heart, in order that many souls may be conquered by my love, and that many sinners may return to my Maternal Heart. Do not fear, for I will accompany with my maternal protection my faithful ones, and all those who accept my urgent warnings, and they - especially by the recitation of my Rosary - will be saved.

Soon Satan will show his might

   "Satan goes furiously through this disordered world, and soon will show all his might. But, because of my Immaculate Heart, the triumph of Light will not delay in its triumph over the power of darkness, and the world, finally, will have tranquility and peace." 

Nations convulsed

   "People pay no attention to my motherly warnings, and thus the world is falling headlong into an abyss of iniquity. Nations shall be convulsed by terrible disasters, causing destruction and death.

"Russia, spurred on by Satan, will seek to dominate the whole world and, by bloody revolutions, will propagate her false teachings throughout all the nations, especially in Italy. The Church will be persecuted and the Pope and the priests shall suffer much."

Rome will not be Saved.

   "My daughter, Rome will not be saved, because the Italian rulers have forsaken the Divine Light and because only a few people really love the Church. But the day is not far off when all the wicked shall perish, under the tremendous blows of Divine Justice."

Men do not change.

   They live in their obstinacy of sin. More severe are the scourges and plagues to recall them to the way of God; but men still become furious, like wounded beasts (and harden their hearts against the Grace of God). The world is no longer worthy of pardon, but only of fire, destruction and death’.  

Hell, so many fall like snowflakes

   “The Madonna then came closer, and with a sad expression, showed me the flames of Hell. She said:” ‘Satan reigns and triumphs on earth! See how the souls are falling into Hell. See how high the flames are, and the souls who fall into them like flakes of snow look like transparent embers! How many sparks! How many cries of hate, and of despair! How much pain!’  ‘See how many priestly souls! Look at the sign of their consecration in their transparent hands! (In the palms of their hands the sign of the cross, in more vivid fire, could clearly be seen!) What torture, my daughter, in my maternal Heart! Great is my sorrow to see that men do not change! The justice of the Father requires reparation — otherwise many will be lost!’  

Also, there was Mother Elena Leonardi 

   Mother Elena Leonardi had been under special guidance of the famous Stigmatist Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, Italy since she was nine. She was a victim soul, chosen by God to atone for Priests and sinners. 

Sea of Fire will descend

   "An unforeseen fire will descend over the whole earth, and a great part of humanity will be destroyed. This will be a time of despair for the impious: with shouts and satanic blasphemy, they will beg to be covered by the mountains, and they will try to seek refuge in caverns, but to no avail. Those who remain will find God's mercy in my power and protection, while all who refuse to repent of their sins will perish in a sea of fire!"

Russia completely burned

   "Blessed are those who at this time may be called truly devoted to Mary! My name is locked in your heart, my daughter. . . Russia will be almost completely burned."

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