The Third Secret of Fatima

A Second Lucy

6 Second Lucy

   In the next few letters, Sister Lucy related how the Vatican had ordered that she was to be put under wraps. Her visitors were severely limited. Only the Vatican could write a permission slip to see her. Mostly just her family. Even they didn’t get to see her. A screen separated the visitors from the private areas for the cloister. They could hear but not seen the person they visited, except for a vague outline. In Lucys case, another sister was always present in those visits as a kind of chaperone. She said that she had become something like the man in the iron mask. No one could look upon her. 

    Early in his pontificate Pope Paul had removed the Index, the age old list of prohibited books. Now, only one person was effectively on the Index. When it came to Fatima, Lucy was the one person in Christendom who was forbidden to write and publish.

   A few months later Lucy wrote that her cloister had produced a Lucy substitute. It had happened by accident. One of the sisters on a public outing was mistaken for Lucy. The media wrote about it and the mother superior was prepared to negate the reports. Because it had to do with Sister Lucy, she had to submit the public statement to the nunciature for approval. He had been away for a few days. When he returned, she expected him to instruct her to release the report. To her surprise, he told her to wait. He wanted to consider it. which meant that he wanted to take it to his superiors. A couple weeks passed and she thought there must be some mistake. She wrote him for instructions thinking that in some lapse of attention, he had forgotten the issue. She was bewildered to read that he told her to do nothing. 

   A couple weeks later, orders came from the nunciature that the same Sister was to be given an assignment that would again bring her briefly into the spotlight. She was to be kept at a distance from the reporter who recognized her from her last visit. The reporter wrote a short article about her. A couple poor quality photos were produced. 

    Everyone on the outside accepted that she was Lucy. Even her family. It had been years since they had seen her. Her habit had changed. Her teeth had had a little work. She had put on some weight. She became the new Lucy. 

    Even in a cloister, the walls have ears. The Mother Superior was aghast. The risk was enormous. If found out, everyone would suffer in ways that could not be imagined. What could they be thinking. The cloister would be caught in a lie. And she was the one who would be blamed. It was inconceivable. But she was trained in obedience and she would say nothing. It would be her penance and her sacrifice. Soon after she was transferred. Lucy would never again be seen publicly.

    Lucy knew why this had been done. It made sense. Marian Devotion stood in the way of the quiet revolution which was transforming the Church from top to bottom.  In order to bury Mary’s message, they had to bury her messenger. 

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